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2018 Mercedes-Benz E400


Mercedes-Benz E400

Service Date
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  • Includes : Change oil and oil filter. Lube all fittings on steering linkage, ball joints & drive shaft(s). Check and correct all fluid levels to include power steering fluid, coolant, battery acid (unless battery sealed), automatic transmission fluid. Inspect brake fluid. Check tire pressure. Install "Next Service Due" sticker.
  • The first Service B is due at 20000 miles or 24 months, then every 20000 miles or 24 months. TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM SENSORS – ACTIVATE WATER DEFLECTOR – CLEAN – [Clean visible area of water deflector.] AXLE – INSPECT – [Check condition of front/rear axles and front/rear axle ball joints.] BRAKE FLUID – INSPECT – [In the event of fluid loss, determine cause and perform repair.] BRAKE SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Visually check condition of brake pads/linings, condition of brake disks.] COOLANT LEVEL – INSPECT – [Low-temperature circuit: check coolant level in coolant expansion tank.] ENGINE COMPARTMENT – INSPECT – [Check all visible parts in the engine compartment for damage and leaks. In the event of fluid loss, determine cause and perform repair.] EXTERIOR LAMPS – INSPECT – [Check exterior lighting for correct function. Check and correct headlamp setting: Xenon or LED headlamps.] HORN OPERATION – INSPECT – [Check horn for correct function.] PARKING BRAKE – INSPECT – [Function test only: Vehicles with 4MATIC: If brake test is carried out on a dynamometer, the brake test may not exceed 10 seconds on each axle. You could otherwise damage the drive train or the brake system.] POLY-V-BELT – INSPECT – [Check poly-V-belt for wear in visible area.] POWER STEERING FLUID – INSPECT – [Check oil level, correct if necessary. In the event of fluid loss, determine cause and perform repair. The oil level must, corresponding to the oil temperature, always lie at the maximum mark. Vehicles with hydraulic power steering only.] PROPELLER SHAFT – INSPECT – [check flexible couplings for damage and deformation.] STEERING SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Check condition of steering system and tie rods.] SUSPENSION SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Check condition of spring strut or shock absorber and spring.] TIRES – INSPECT – [Correct tire inflation pressure, Correct inflation pressure in spare tire (where applicable). Check TIREFIT sealant expiration date (where applicable). If expired, replace it. Activate Tire Pressure Monitoring System.] TRUNK LIGHTING – INSPECT – [Check trunk/cargo compartment lighting for correct function.] VEHICLE – INSPECT – [Check vehicle's exterior for damage in visible area. Check all visible components on the vehicle underside for leaks and damage: In the event of fluid loss, determine cause and perform repair. Country-specific regulations for mobility and body shell complaints apply.] WARNING & INDICATOR LAMPS – INSPECT – [Inspect warning and function indicator lamps in the instrument cluster. Check illumination of the instrument cluster and interior lighting for correct function.] WINDSHIELD WIPER & WASHER SYSTEMS – INSPECT – [Check windshield wipers, windshield for damage. Check and correct windshield washer system fluid level. Summer/winter washer fluid.] AIR FILTER – REPLACE ENGINE OIL – REPLACE ENGINE OIL FILTER – REPLACE SERVICE INTERVAL INDICATOR/DISPLAY – RESET – [Read out service data from instrument cluster and reset ASSYST PLUS service interval display. If the service/maintenance work has not, or has only partially been carried out after the ASSYST PLUS service interval display has been reset, the maintenance computer must be reset to its original settings.]
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal Fee
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